Shortage of specialists?
This is what you should do now.

With my experience and my contacts, I help ...

… companies to eliminate the shortage of specialists.

… foreign specialists to find fair jobs in Germany.

… young people to do an apprenticeship in Germany.

Things you should know

The end of unsuccessful recruiting

That is why foreign specialists and trainees are the solution to the shortage of skilled workers

This is how I create a win-win situation for job seekers and companies


„Carsten Fröhlich always treats interested people from abroad with empathy and respect. Applicants trust him from the very start.“
Martin Gebhardt
Managing Director Diakonie Sozialdienst Thüringen gGmbH
„Carsten Fröhlich always works in the interest of foreign job seekers and ensures long-term perspectives in Germany by offering individual support.“
Igor Milchevskyi
Engineer from Ukraine
„His excellent network in different countries guarantees qualified applicants and efficient integration of trainees into our teams.“
Karsten Drews
Managing Director HBS Elektrobau

The end of unsuccessful recruiting

The shortage of skilled workers is a hot topic these days. It’s very present in the media and keeps HR departments in German companies very busy. The background and reasons for this are generally well-known and widely discussed.
Ways out and solutions are needed urgently! We offer solutions to your staffing problems within the framework of intercultural approaches to the personnel development for your company!

We work with a network of schools, companies and individuals from various countries in Central and Eastern Europe with many years of cooperation experience based on trust and professionalism.

Make use of my vast experience, my excellent proven contacts gained during 25 years of work in Europe. Many years of cooperation with apprenticeship institutions in Hungary, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine and numerous West European countries created stable working relationships that you can benefit from.

The employment of foreign specialists is a challenge for every company. The integration of new team members may get difficult because of cultural differences, lack of knowledge about processes in German companies as well as language problems.

Based on our many years of experience, it is important to minimize all risks that could cause your potential foreign employees quickly lose their drive and motivation to work or learn with you. Good preparation saves time, gives you a faster return on your investment in recruitment and at the same time motivates new specialists.

This is how I create a win-win situation for job seekers and companies

Based on many years of experience gathered during numerous stays abroad and interviews, we take care of following matters in the course of preparation for recruitment and employment with your company:

  • Minimizing problems with the German language and, if necessary, another relevant language such as English
  • Sufficient knowledge about Germany as a host country
  • Information on the working atmosphere in Germany
  • Preparation for day-to-day contacts with new colleagues
  • Clarity about the required performance level
  • Clarification on the recognition of foreign professional or academic qualifications

In order to attract motivated specialists in mid- and long-term perspective, the following applies: We

  • Only cooperate with clients who treat foreign employees/trainees as equal to German colleagues in terms of labor law and finances.
  • Inform the applicants in detail about the living and working conditions, as well as the conditions offered by your company.
  • Know and respect the cultures of our applicants’ countries of origin and individually introduce them to everyday life and working environment in Germany.
  • Treat people who left their home countries for whatever reasons with empathy and respect
  • Follow a consistent concept and concentrate on mid- and long-term perspectives
  • If necessary, advise and provide internal trainings for the teams within the companies to prepare them for the work with new colleagues.
Carsten Fröhlich

That is why foreign skilled workers and trainees are the solution to the shortage of skilled workers

Every company strives for lots of orders as well as qualified and motivated employees. Training and developing specialists in-house is a success factor for many. Recruiting young people for the company demands a great deal of marketing resources in the current state of the war for talent on the labor market. With our help you can find motivated candidates even in times of a massive shortage of skilled workers and with limited budget.

Despite attractive offers, there are very few German applicants for the jobs or apprenticeship in skilled crafts and trades. And the existing candidates often have poor preparation and poor academic performance. Hired foreign employees also often lack the relevant knowledge and practice due to different educational systems and professional requirements.

I offer you comprehensible and proven solutions for your recruiting tasks. Be responsible for own your development. Focus on motivated people from other European countries. With my help, you will find well-prepared and committed applicants for your apprenticeship positions. I find applicants abroad who check all the boxes and will be a perfect match for your company. Choose young applicants from the same cultural environment who will become an indispensable asset to your organization.


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    Carsten Fröhlich

    About me

    I have been involved in the education and further training of young people since completing my studies as a qualified rehabilitation educator. In the early 1990s, I successfully set up the first EU exchange project in Thuringia. As part of this, I visited vocational schools in Hungary and Denmark with young people from Weimar. I have built up a reliable network with projects in Kaliningrad, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, and Croatia. For a long time I worked in the south of France, Spain, Ukraine and Russia, sometimes also lived there. I have extensive knowledge and experience of education and bureaucracy in Europe, outside the EU and in North Africa. There are currently particularly close ties to Eastern European countries.

    • teacher, graduate in the field of rehabilitation pedagogy, consultant on international youth work
    • 1992 head of the first vocational education EU-project in Thuringia
    • 1993 head of various federal projects in the field of youth social work
    • 1994 head of interindustrial teaching and educational institution
    • since 1995 implementation of EU-projects «SOKRATES», «LEONARDO» and «JUGEND FÜR EUROPA»
    • project work in Russia (1994), Lithuania (1994), Croatia and Bosnia (1995), France (1995)
    • working visits and internships in Russia, Romania, France, Sweden, Spain and Taiwan
    • 1998 head of a grand project AREA`99 related to preparation of «The city year of culture» in Weimar in 1999
    • 1999 head of the largest German European voluntary service of today – «SPECIAL EVENT WEIMAR `99»
    • 2000 building Eastern and Western European network «EURO TALK» with organisations and representatives from Hungary, Spain, the Netherlands, Romania, Lithuania and Germany
    • since 2001 project and seminar work, among others also on behalf of:
      • WEnt GGmbH (formerly CDG),
      • International Youth Exchange Service of the Federal Republic of Germany (IJAB),
      • German Youth Institute of Munich (DJI),
      • Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud,
      • Robert Bosch Foundation,
      • Federal Agency for Employment,
      • State Chancellery of Thuringia,
      • European Youth Education Centre in Weimar (EJBW),
      • Institute of Social answers (INSA Institut für soziale Antworten e.V.),
    • since 2011 was awarded with an honorary letter of the Minister-President of Thuringia for development of volunteer work
    • since 2011 new sphere of activity in development of foreign specialists personnel and students for enterprises of Thuringia, Bavaria, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg
    • Since then every year 35-40 candidates from Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Spain, Bulgaria and Moldova are trained. 30 professionals begin to work on enterprises.
    • Since 2012, the development of integration concepts in medium-sized companies for the successful and permanent employment of foreign trainees and specialists
    • In 2013, in connection with this, the “Diversity, Growth, Prosperity” award was presented by Minister Philip Rösler, Federal Minister of Economics and Technology
    • Since 2016 expansion of the workforce acquisition and personnel development to Africa and the Western Balkans
    • 2019 – Certification by the Thuringian Ministry of Economics, Science and Digital Society as a recognized service provider in the field of personnel management and placement of foreign trainees from third countries in addition to the IHK’s Südthüringen and Erfurt
    • 2019 – Appointment as regional ambassador for Thuringia in the network “Companies integrate refugees” at the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) Berlin
    • worked for Bauerfeind AG Zeulenroda, HBS Elektrobau Holding, Diakonie Sozialdienst Weimar-Lobenstein gGmbH